Our Vision

Dear Parents,

Welcome to The House of Little People, a private, pre-school, early childhood development professional environment in the center of the Upper East Side of Manhattan. In our 40 years as of 2016 on the upper east side, we continue to offer busy working families a safe, secure, and proven Early Childhood Developmental model to achieve the best support role for your young pre kindergarten child.

Our main aim and goal is to ensure that your child receives the “individual” attention and learning guidance to reach their ultimate developmental level while you are working at your profession during the busy work week. HLP is managed and administered by a professionally certified team of highly skilled experts in identifying and nurturing the special, wonderful, trusting qualities of each and every individual child. The miracle of a child’s curiosity combined with our attentive and skillful teaching resources, tools, and systems is tuned in to reaching the inside energy and helping your child to develop to their optimum level both socially and intellectually.

You are critical to our process, and we place enormous importance on regular communication and teaming with you as your daytime resource when you are busy at work. Feel secure, safe, and able to focus on your full time profession without concern. Through our extensive joint review and admission process, together we develop a “learning roadmap” for your child. This includes a range of educational, psychological, intellectual, and social activities specifically designed to adapt your child to social and interactive environments with other children and adults. Each child is unique and that is why we take great pride at HLP in our proven ability to “individualize” our learning environment for each individual child’s personality at their own pace.

Together with you, we become your extended resource in a family community. Your child will be able to grow and adapt to social settings in a loving, friendly, warm, and welcoming culture.

S/he will be able to naturally exhibit important values such as respect for others, responsibility, and accountability, while at the same time have a great deal of fun and make friends.

This website may be your first introduction to HLP.  We look forward to helping you through this very important life decision of building the proper developmental program for each of your preschool children.

We hope to spend regular quality time with each and every one of you.

Warm regards,

Barbara Robinson R.N.BS
Founder/Executive Director
The House of Little People
Debra Tuohy MS. ED
Educational Director
The House of Little People Too