About Pre K programs in HLP

Our primary objective is to coordinate our functions as they relate to the child and parent(s) so that there will be assurances that needs are met at the right time, in the right place, and without conflict or gap.

We believe that the services rendered should be of the highest standards, which demand a working environment that is conducive to the professional, emotional, and social growth of all.

We will maintain good public relations and consistently be mindful that we are providing a service to the community.

Because of the growing demand for highly -regulated facilities of our nature, and the need to continually direct and guide children as they grow, the staff and the parent(s) recognize that the child must have the opportunity to express his or herself freely, and receive the full benefit of a wholesome life.

Humanism plays a dominant role, providing an environment that generates an open-end avenue for creativity, which will consistently produce quality, service flexibility, pleasure, and a focus as multi-faceted as life itself.

In our 40 years, as of Dec 2016 we have maintained quality standards.